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Vivenda dos Palhaços


There are 8 rooms in total, each with their own special character, design and amenities.

The Portuguese section has 2 rooms, the opulent master bedroom of Konnager, with its four-poster bed and freestanding tub in the huge adjacent bathroom,  and the more austere, contemplative Alipore that overlooks the neighbouring coconut plantations and leads off from the main dining room (so perhaps not the best for privacy or early nights).

There are 3 rooms in the Hindu section, Madras, Ballygunge and Ooty. Madras is by far the most elegant, more modern in its interiors and with a gorgeous open-air bathroom attached. The smaller, twin-bedded Ballygunge has a more rough and rustic feel, with its brightly coloured bathroom like those in a village house, albeit with more luxury. Ooty, opening to the small interior courtyard by the bar, is all spartan whitewashed walls and moulded bed, with a secret mirrored bathroom at the back (making our photography an almost impossibility).

Chanpara is a large Rajasthani luxury tent at the rear of the property, in a private garden near the pool. Fitted with twin beds, camping furniture and rugs, it’s “fully plumbed and air-conditioned”.

On the other side of the pool there’s the standalone Chummery, the name alone conjuring images of innocent colonial bachelor delights. It really is a cosy place, with an incredible number of books lining the far wall, ranging from high literature to deep trash. It has a large, bright bathroom attached.

The final room, Darjeeling, cuts a slightly idiosyncratic figure, with its corrugated metal walls and bunker-esque feel, but there’s a great sense of theatre to it, a wonderful writing desk, and a loft space above that makes it perfect for families.



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Room features

  • Safes in room
  • Large selection of books
  • A/C & fans
  • TVs not fixed but can be organized, communal sitting room has TV & DVD
  • Bed-tea possible

Rate the bathroom!

4/5: Every room has a different bathroom, varying in size, style and luxury. Konnager’s is outstanding, Madras is a close second, Darjeeling’s has to be seen to be understood, but all are wonderful places to sit down and read the house A-Z in.

Room types

  • The Whole House
  • 1 X Ooty
  • 1 X Ballygunge  (twin beds)
  • 1 X Alipore
  • 1 X Madras (can fit extra bed)
  • 1 X Darjeeling (has loft space with extra mattress)
  • 1 X The Chummery (can fit extra bed)
  • 1 X Konnager (can fit extra bed)
  • 1 X Chanpara (can fit extra bed, twin bed tent, not available in the monsoon)
Type Homestay villa
Rooms 8
Children Yes
Closed Never