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Seetalvan Orchard

Kotgarh-Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served, as well as snacks and drinks throughout the day. Usually there’s a buffet lunch and dinner, although there’s also a degree of flexibility in ordering and meals can be discussed in advance, depending on the number of guests.

Breakfast is a hearty mixture of fruits, juices, eggs, parathas, and occasionally mutton sausages, bacon, baked beans and toast. Precisely what’s on the menu depends on availablity in the market.

Lunch and dinner are usually generous servings of north Indian or Himachali dishes – rice, dal, vegetables, chicken or mutton items.

Wood-fire oven pizzas can be ordered in advance.

Alcohol is available but should also be ordered in advance as it needs to be brought from the nearest town. Guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol.

Hot and cold drinks are available through the day and night.

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There are a few set items to choose from, mostly snacks such as pakoras or sandwiches, or special items for the evening that need preparation time, such as kebabs and pizza from the woodfired oven. Otherwise the menu is a loose affair, dependent on guests’ preferences and whatever local produce is available.

Tip: if you’re looking to take something away from the area other than apples (which are only available in the harvesting season that runs between July and August), you can check out the locally-grown fruit preserves and chutneys of Fruit Bageecha, a business started by ex-Singapore based media couple Kartik and Anuradha who relocated to Kotgarh in 2012 and started their own boutique jam house. Standouts include the green apple and ginger chutney and wild apricot preserve. All products are available at Seetalvan.

Dining nearby

Narkanda is the nearest town, we can recommend the New Himalayan Dhaba. Also, check out the food at Hotel Hatu, their food varies but the chicken cutlets, chicken anardana and rotis are pretty good.

Type Small guesthouse
Rooms 8
Children Yes
Closed Never (weather dependent)