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south Goa

There’s really not that much to say about Dwarka’s accommodation. Usually that’s a bad thing, but here it only points to the way in which the rooms are secondary to the stupendous setting. Still, this isn’t to say that they’ve been neglected, or are an afterthought, far from it. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and stylish the huts turned out to be.

There are 10 huts in total, 4 on one side of the lagoon, 6 on the other. All are essentially identical, containing nothing more than a king size bed and a strong, padlocked metal cupboard that acts as a safe, with a partitioned bathroom containing shower, toilet and sink. The furnishing, however, is tasteful and cool, a restrained retro kitsch of curtains, rugs and thatched straw roof that creates a wonderfully cosy environment.

Amazingly, the rooms were mosquito free, so a net is not required, nor was there any plug-in device. This is just as well, as there’s only one plug socket, beside the door.

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Room features

  • Lagoon views
  • Small sit-out area
  • King size bed
  • In-room safe

Rate the bathroom!

4/5 – Not luxurious, but considering the location the bathrooms are quite something; clean, comfortable and cutely designed. There is no running hot water but a bucket can be ordered, and often a hot bucket bath can be a real joy!

Room types

10 X Huts

Type Beach shack resort
Rooms 10
Children Yes
Closed May to October