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south Goa

Astounding natural beauty, complemented by a handful of simple but tastefully furnished huts. The beach alone is superb, yet the truly unique and utterly compelling lure of Dwarka remains the jungle lagoon around which the property is set.

It’s hard to describe the sensation one feels, descending the hillside after a bumpy dirt road, as Dwarka’s lagoon opens up before you. Awe, perhaps. Or a dazed feeling of unreality, and maybe incredulity that a place like this actually exists, straight out of Peter Pan or Robinson Crusoe, so if you didn’t know better you might think it fake, a film set.

Appropriately enough, owner Clemente discovered the site while scouting for locations in his day-job as a film and TV producer, and, long story short, ended up taking charge of the site, setting up a handful of huts, taking care not to disrupt the natural balance, leaving the setting as untouched as possible.

The huts are spread across the stepped hillside that falls down to the lagoon, connected by a simple rope and bamboo bridge. At the mouth of the lagoon, where the beach acts as a natural dam before the Arabian Sea, a simple restaurant, bar and seating area, where it’s entirely possible to sit for hours on end doing absolutely nothing.

This is Dwarka’s genius: letting the environment speak for itself, with as little interference as possible. I simply cannot remember the last time I was so content doing so little. It feels like Goa used to feel.

Of course, there are things to do too: swim, read, kayak on the creek, hike into the jungle, go fishing, have a dolphin trip, do yoga, have a massage, eat food, drink beer, but ultimately the best thing about Dwarka is that it makes you just “be”.

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Plus points

  • Rates include all meals.
  • The lagoon is mindblowing and Khola Beach is unspoiled.
  • Huts are unexpectedly well appointed.
  • Atmosphere is friendly and laid back.
  • Location is surprisingly mosquito free.
  • Pet friendly!

Good to know

  • Hard to access.
  • On weekends and public holidays the beach is used by (often noisy) locals.
  • No hot water except in buckets.
  • Limited Wi-Fi and very patchy phone signal.
  • There’s another, larger resort at the mouth of the lagoon.
Type Beach shack resort
Rooms 10
Children Yes
Closed May to October