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Chandelao Garh

near Jodhpur, Rajasthan

There are 20 rooms, located either in the old stable block, a single level section that opens out on to a paved area bordering the big central lawn, or on the first floor of the opposite section, overlooking the lawns from a shared balcony.

Inside, all the rooms have a spacious sitting area with wooden, locally made furniture and often a slightly separated, more confined sleeping area with comfy beds which can be either double or twin.

Thick, exposed stone walls maintain the old, rustic feel of the property, and bright Rajasthani daris and fabrics complete the authentic look, though this is, of course, an authentic haveli and the building exudes history and ambience by default.

Being an old building also means that the rooms are a little on the dark side, though a lack of natural light helps the interiors stay cool and the A/C (in every room) is not  always necessary, though we used it and considering the spacious room size it worked well.

Other than A/C however, modern luxuries are not what Chandelao Garh is about. Don’t expect TV, internet or a phone; this is village India, where electricity is unreliable (though there is a generator) and the din of traffic is replaced by the squawking of parrots.

Finally, try and appreciate the harmless, timid geckos which may hang out on your walls. They won’t come anywhere near you but they will keep the bug population under control, especially in the hotter months when everyone and everything prefers to be inside where it’s cool.

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Room features

  • A/C & ceiling fans
  • Extra mattresses available for kids
  • Coffee / tea making
  • Laundry service

Rate the bathroom!

3/5 – Bathrooms are simply clean and functional with no frills, though some basic shampoos and soaps are provided. Hot water comes courtesy of the hotel’s solar panels.

Room types

20 X double rooms

Type Small heritage hotel
Rooms 20
Children Yes
Closed Never