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Having travelled solo for more than ten years in India with not more than two uncomfortable encounters as a woman traveller, I think it would be fair to say that I might have hacked the safety angle.

First up, here’s The Basic Rule: India is just as menacing as any other new destination. Maintain the same filters as you would in any place, even your own country.

Now here’s the list. This is basic stuff, sure, but trust me it works!

TrustDon’t start in panic mode. With all your essentials pack an extra dose of trust. If one is too guarded about the smallest things you will never have the time to catch the small nuances.

CabsWhen hiring a cab, keep in mind that sitting on the back seat naturally forms a distinction with the driver, whereas sitting in the front has heaps of benefits: one forms a bond with the driver immediately, conversations flow well, you can see the road ahead and you can slide your seat back further and make more leg space. More than anything, it establishes an equal status with the driver, who will possibly appreciate this and take it upon himself to keep you safe.

Editor’s note: check out Supriya’s own excellent blog Tea4travel for contact numbers of cab drivers in different Indian cities.

HotelsIf you’re arriving in the dead of the night, or way too early, then book ahead. Many hotels in India’s smaller towns are nervous about getting solo travellers to check-in at odd hours unless you have spoken to them before. Do the quick checklist before snoring away: lockable door, lockable door and a lockable door!

Being CuriousIndians are a curious bunch! They want to know the why, who, what and wherefore of your entire life. Sound suggestion: share it! You are never going to meet these people again anyway! Also, be curious. Ask them about marriage, children, financial status and anything that is otherwise intrusive. Heck, go for a meal at their place. People love to share. Once you have had a meal at someone’s house it’s unlikely that they will harm you in any way.

DressingThrowing caution to the wind to arrive in Varanasi in tiny shorts did no good for anyone! More than proving a point, fight the clammy heat in India and respect the sentiments. Cities are very different to smaller towns. I once had a woman laugh at my trekking pants because the waterproof zippers looked strange to her. Mere laughing is fine but the same people can take offence to your being adventurous in the dress department. Crop pants, pajamas, a scarf and comfy tees with sleeves should be in your bag when you head out to smaller towns and villages. By dressing controversially in the eyes of the locals you may be sending out the wrong signal. While in no way is it okay for someone to harass you, its better to be cautious.

Walking at night – Don’t go or do anything that you wouldn’t do in your own country. This means taking a short cut, a dark alley or letting a stranger walk you home. Even men should take heed! Don’t put yourself in a vulnerable spot. Hiring an auto/cab for the whole day works well. If you have spent ample time with the driver then it’s likely he will take ownership of your safety!

My advice – always follow these basic guidelines, they won’t guarantee your safety but they’ll make it a lot more likely!