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These days, most of our team get to Goa quite a lot (it’s work, OK!?) but it’s not always about the beach. In fact, it’s becoming more about heading inland and finding some of the amazing homes that people have built or renovated and are now giving up for rent to holidaymakers.

Which brings us to today, and we’re really pleased to have finally added Kiranpani House to our Goa collection.

Kiranpani House north Goa

Our reporters stayed here a couple of months ago but it’s taken us a while to get hold of the Danish owner and firm-up the deal.

As you can see from Matthew’s photos, Kiranpani House has a gorgeous setting overlooking the north Goan countryside and is perfectly pitched at the new wave of tourism that is exploring further than the usual beaches. Our very own Deepti Kapoor just wrote a great piece about this for The Guardian here – that’s her sitting in the picture below (though probably not writing the article at the time).

Kiranpani House north Goa hotel

The house was built under the supervision of owner/architect Mette Lange, who is based in Denmark but has also completed a handful of projects in India. The basis of Mette’s practice is sustainability and attention to context, implying, of course, the use of locally sourced, natural materials.

This speaks volumes in Goa, where so many hotels and villas are built as concrete blocks with no relationship to, or concern for, the natural environment whatsoever. Mette has posted a great video walk-through of the house here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzTN7RU_JDo

Kiranpani House north Goa

Kiranpani House is not unique in Goa – there are a few places in a similar vein – but it certainly stands out as one of the most beautiful locations, set well away from the tourist hoards. Don’t expect A/C here, or TV, or ‘protection’ from the jungle; it’s simply not what this property is about, and it’s all the better for it.

The house is usually available for a minimum of 1 week, and is priced with weekly rates. But ask if you want to stay an odd amount of days and the rates will then be calculated pro-rata.

Check out our listing here.

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Kiranpani House north Goa