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One of the most prominent cities visited by tourists in India is the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, also known as the ‘Pink City’ due to the ancient pink walls which surround it. Recently, Jaipur has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shopping for souvenirs from local shops is a great experience in Jaipur. Check out the 5 must-visit shopping places in Jaipur and get ready to shop as much as your heart desires.

An important point to remember for easy navigation through the city: Jaipur is divided into two parts: the old city – easy to spot due to the pink walls – and the new city, with wider roads and urban infrastructure.

1. Bapu Bazaar

Colorful skirts in Bapu Bazar (Photo credit: Jyoti)

A shopping place surrounded by beautiful pink walls embellished with white-coloured designs all over them, lanes going right and left with small shops at every step. Located in the old city of Jaipur, the best landmark is Saraogi Mansion. This is a one-stop shopping destination for traditional Rajasthani materials, starting with clothes, footwear (joothis), bangles and even home furnishings like blankets. Important to note that there is a lot of scope for bargaining, so definitely go with someone with good negotiating skills!

Shops to keep a lookout for include Organic Drape and Durga Textiles (shop no. 76).

2. Johri Bazaar

Lanes of Johri Bazaar (Photo credit: Jyoti)

Got a wedding to attend anytime soon? Then this is the place you should not miss during your Jaipur visit. Super crowded with locals and tourists, located in the old city and a few km away from Bapu bazaar. If you want to enjoy Jaipur to its core, my recommendation would be to walk around these places. Johri Bazaar is a one-stop market for wedding shopping for all kinds of bridal dresses (lehenga), a traditional ladies dress called a poshak, to aarti plates, bangles, and barati caps. Once you are tired of shopping, head to Ram Chandra Kulfi bhandar (shop no. 222) for mouth-watering shakes and kulfis.

Shops to keep a lookout for include Rooplaxmi (shop no. 181).

3. Badi Chaupar

Rajasthani decors (Photo credit: David Dominguez)

One of the most astonishing places to visit in Jaipur is Hawa Mahal, which most probably is already on your itinerary. Badi Chaupar is the third must-do place on our list, located next to Hawa Mahal and opposite Johri Bazaar. It is the kind of market where one can become part of the intermingling of culture, history and heritage of the city. In addition to this, it is in a great location next to the road leading to the City Palace. One can shop for Rajasthani print clothes, bangles, bags, stoles, Rajasthani blankets and good quality leather bags.

Other nearby markets to explore include Tripolia Market.

4. C scheme

C Scheme area (Photo credit: Jyoti)

As we end our shopping spree in the old city, let’s explore the must-visit places in the new side of Jaipur city. C Scheme is one of the upcoming markets in Jaipur and is filled with fancy boutiques and brand shops. It is a place where you can shop for everything, including interior decor pieces, bridal dresses or just regular clothing. Once ready to retire for the day, definitely head to Tapri Tea House for some amazing food, a view and good service. Note that it generally has a 30-minute waiting time on all days, so plan accordingly.

Shops to keep a lookout for: GulabChand (opposite Raj Mandir cinema hall) and Anokhi.

5. Sikar House

Colourful fabric for decoration (Photo credit: Jyoti)

A little offbeat place located on the outskirts of Jaipur city, and one of the oldest markets, is Sikar House. Tiny shops surrounded by tiny lanes and less crowded in comparison to the above-mentioned places. This place is a hub for all kinds of fabrics, like traditional Sanganeri print, Batik print, Block print, Ikat and other designs. Important to remember while shopping here is that there is a lot of scope for bargaining. Go prepared with dress designs as you can buy fabric from here at affordable prices.

One place to keep a lookout for is Shehnaaz Textiles.

If you still have some space left in your bags, head to Raja Park and Jacob Road Market. Both these places are famous for the presence of fancy boutiques. For more information on what to do in Jaipur, including places to stay, do refer to our Jaipur guide. Now hurry, go buy beautiful memories from our own Pink City!