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Instagram has become a visual diary for travellers, with some of our favourite accounts being records of beautiful landscapes, people, homes, journeys and experiences. From textiles to temples, from portraits to politics, India’s Instagram users explore all facets of life in the country; their photographs weave stories and unearth little pieces of history.

Here’s our pick of the bunch: 10 must-follow accounts for India travel inspiration, or for glimpses into those otherwise hidden corners of India:

1. Dayanita Singh – @dayanitasingh


Dayanita Singh is a photographer and book maker whose Instagram feed is a beautiful, almost architectural exploration of space, faces and art. Follow her to festivals, art summits and museums as she catalogues the places she goes and the things she sees. Also check out her website: http://dayanitasingh.org/


2. Krsnaa Mehta – @krsnaamehta


Artist and product designer Krsnaa Mehta captures the colours of India through the interiors of beautiful homes and his travels to out-of-the-way places. His Instagram feed is filled with vintage finds from stores and markets, boutique hotels he has stumbled upon and design ideas and inspiration for living spaces. If you’re in internet shopping mode then you could do a lot worse than check out his online retail space Indian Circus.


3. India Photo Project – @indiaphotoproject


This page describes itself as ‘building visual bridges through mobile story telling in India’, and it does just that. Bringing together some of the most striking images by various Instagram users across the country, this has become a repository of visual stories. Each photograph appears to freeze a moment in time while bringing a story to life from everyday India.


4. India Gram – @india_gram


For all that is quintessentially Indian, follow India Gram. The account showcases professionally shot photographs by journalists and photographers around the country. Get up close and personal with people, places, festivals and more through this catalogue of the country.


5. Tulika – @twocupsofcoffee


This 23-year-old photographs only on her iPhone 5 and has transformed her Instagram feed into a journal of haunting images from around Bombay, Delhi and beyond. @twocupsofcoffee is an intriguing exploration of India’s historic cities through a contemporary lens.


6. Rufus – @ramu.ka.ka


For some of the most impressive black and white photos of India, head over to Rufus aka Ramu.ka.ka’s Instagram page. Traveller and founder of @streets.of.India (which, incidentally, is another great account to follow), Rufus has discovered the essence of movement that is India – where everything is constantly in flux, changing, developing. From bikes and boats to camels and trains, this young photographer’s account is, as clichéd as it might sound, a tribute to the spirit of India. Also check out Rufus’ website which takes visitors on photo walks all over India.


7. George Koruth – @fotobaba


George Koruth is a documentary and travel photographer who goes by the name of Fotobaba. He captures every tiny detail with the observant eye of a photographer while reminiscing about the moment he took the shot. He is a visual storyteller in the finest sense. Look out for his incredible portraits of children. His website is gorgeous and also worth a look.


8. Hashim Badani – @hashimbadani


Find the surreal in the everyday with Hashim Badani’s gorgeous Instagram feed. His urban landscapes and travel stories are riveting and he has an eye for the bizarre. His images of Bombay’s disappearing Iranian cafés – a book project in progress – are particularly alluring.


9. Untold – @untold_mag


The Instagram handle of the Untold website gives us glimpses into incredible untold stories we would otherwise never hear of. The stunning visuals of this account give way to some of the most unbelievable stories from India and its neighbours. If you’re a traveller who loves to search out secrets and take the paths less travelled, this account is for you.


10. Asif Khan – @as1fk


It’s interesting to see how a visual medium like Instagram has attracted writers as well, becoming a unique space for storytelling. Asif Khan’s feed is a window into the lives of the people and streets that he photographs around the country. His photographs are an intriguing and often moving account of his encounters.