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We spent two years travelling around India and stayed at over a hundred hotels. The Tripzuki collection represents the best of the best. We met the owners and the staff, took our own photos, and tried the breakfast in the morning. We know EVERYTHING about these hotels. We also negotiated some incredible deals!

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our booking process and the principles of our service

Asian Escapes Pvt Ltd trading as Tripzuki.com acts as an online agent in the referral and booking of accommodation and other related services or activities. It should be noted that we are neither a travel agent nor tour operator. We do not directly sell accommodation but instead facilitate the offer of accommodation reservations and travel-related services and we are authorised to make an offer of said services and accommodation by our partner hotel and services operators. Tripzuki.com can accept no responsibility for the ultimate provision of accommodation or services to you by the hotel or services operator with whom you have entered into a contract via Tripzuki.com.

Reservations will be confirmed by the hotel or services operator once a non-refundable deposit has been paid to Tripzuki.com and not before. Once your deposit has been paid to Tripzuki.com your contract is with the hotel or services operator and their booking policies will apply; any further amounts due will be paid directly to the hotel or services operator in a method specified by said operator, and while we endeavour to list the available payment methods for each property or service, we do advise guests to check these before confirming any booking.

Failure to meet any conditions as set out by the hotel operator at the time of booking may result in your reservation being cancelled. It should be noted that in the case of hotel bookings, the number of occupants must be stated correctly at the time of booking, including babies and children. Above all, please be aware that your booking may be cancelled if you fail to pay the balance as and when requested by the hotel or services operator, and that said cancellation may incur further charges. We always advise clients to check any cancellation policies before booking and again before cancelling a booking.

For the avoidance of doubt, once a deposit has been paid we cannot accept any liability in relation to the fulfilment of any contract you enter into via Tripzuki.com.

By accepting our terms and conditions you agree that Tripzuki.com is authorised to charge your credit card with any applicable deposits, and where applicable to take a guarantee by way of credit card pre-authorisation and to charge any cancellation charges to the credit card you provide.

information we provide

We recommend properties based on the expertise and subjective opinions of our staff and contributors, and cannot claim that said properties are suitable for all travellers, please read our reviews in full before booking any accommodation or services and be sure that they sound right for you.

All information is correct at the time of publishing but hotels’ details may change at any time; if in doubt please ask either the hotel operator or email us at [email protected] for clarification of any specific query.

We spend significant time and resources visiting and checking the details of all hotels we list, but from time to time there may be additional charges applicable to bookings that we are not informed of. Similarly, all rates quoted are provided in good faith but hotel and service operators always reserve their rights to alter the rates quoted. The rate quoted should not be considered final until the hotel or service operator has replied to confirm it as such. We advise all our clients to check with the hotel operator that the price they are quoted is fully inclusive and no further charges are applicable.

credit cards

In order to make a reservation through our website, you are required to provide your credit card details. These details are accessed via a secured mode using SSL encryption technology to confirm the booking. Details are at all times handled securely and only for the purposes of processing deposits and/or cancellation fees for accommodation and/or other related services. Secure transactions can be identified by the presence of a closed lock in most browsers. We also employ industry-standard security measures to protect your information from access by unauthorised persons and against unlawful processing.


Most of our deposits are charged in Indian Rupees or US dollars. Very occasionally you may experience a slight difference in the amount billed and the amount debited to your card, this will be due to processing fluctuations with differing credit cards, but will never exceed 1% of the total. Should you experience such a difference we will always refund the difference. Any amounts shown in a currency other than Indian Rupees are a guide only, and while these amounts are updated regularly and we believe them to be accurate, we cannot guarantee that payment from a non-Indian Rupee source will not carry further charges. Please check this with your credit card provider as charges may vary greatly depending on the issuer or provider.

Further payments made to hotel or service operators may not be in Indian Rupees and while we endeavour to provide full information on all payment terms and conditions, it is your ultimate responsibility to check these at the time of booking.

responsibility for your booking

All bookings are subject to the booking conditions of the hotel or services operator. You are responsible for reading the hotel or services operator’s booking conditions and if in doubt should always request these directly from the operator or from us by emailing [email protected]

Tripzuki.com cannot accept responsibility for any direct dealings between our users and our listed hotel or services operators, or for the provision of said operators’ services once introduction has been made via Tripzuki.com.

Tripzuki.com operates as an agent of all our listed hotel and services operators, and as such we may charge a non-refundable deposit or recover cancellation charges on their behalf and in line with said operators’ terms and conditions. We are an independent contractor and it should be understood that there is no further business relationship between us and any of the operators whose accommodation or services we list.

We cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or other claim which arises as a result of entering into a contract with a hotel or services operator listed on Tripzuki.com. In the unlikely event that we are found liable to you on any basis, our maximum liability shall be limited to the initial non-refundable deposit paid to us.

You are strongly recommended to purchase suitable travel insurance for any trip you undertake, this can often cover you for any loss in regards to cancellation and other unforeseen circumstances.

Those travelling with children should be sure to book only accommodation or services that are suitable for all concerned. If you are unsure of any safety aspect of the accommodation or services you are booking, please address this issue to the hotel or services operator.

It is the responsibility of every traveller to research and obtain the relevant visas necessary for any trip and to also become informed of any health risks and customs requirements that may apply to your trip. In offering accommodation and services Tripzuki.com will never warrant that said accommodation or services are without risk.

After a deposit has been paid, any cancellation or amendment to a booking should be addressed to the hotel or services operator with whom you have entered into a contract.