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We'll personally help you pick the perfect hotel.

We spent two years travelling around India and stayed at over a hundred hotels. The Tripzuki collection represents the best of the best. We met the owners and the staff, took our own photos, and tried the breakfast in the morning. We know EVERYTHING about these hotels. We also negotiated some incredible deals!

Leave your name and email with us and we'll get in touch to help you find the perfect hotel.

Why Book Through Tripzuki?

  • Free wine or meal
    with every booking
  • Only the best hotels
    we stay at every one
  • Lowest rates guaranteed
    or we'll pay you the difference!

Price guarantee

lowest price guarantee and lowest rate match


One of our founding principles is that we guarantee you will not find a better price for identical accommodation or services booked at the same time, by the same method and in the same currency, and this includes booking directly with a hotel or services operator or third party.

In the unlikely event that you do find a lower price, please email us and we will match the price.

What this does not include:

  • Prices that are not for the exact same thing! That is to say, please make sure that the price you find includes taxes, credit card charges, booking fees and other extra charges. Some websites in particular add these charges at the last minute, after you think you have a final price.
  • Prices that are provided by third party travel agents. In India particularly, many agents will offer a guest accommodation without any relationship with the hotel in question. Once a price has been quoted, the agent will then approach a hotel and negotiate any price they can in order to leave them some margin but at no time can they guarantee the rates they quote.
  • Prices that are not provided within 2 hours of your finding the price on Tripzuki.com.
  • Prices that differ from ours by less than 200 INR.
  • Prices where hotels are using fluctuating pricing techniques, where prices change in real time according to availability, a technique most commonly used by airlines but now used by some bigger hotels and hotel chains. Tripzuki generally only covers independent hotels with fixed rates as it would be impossible to offer the same fluctuating rates.
  • Prices which are calculated using reward schemes, corporate discounts, promotional codes or coupons or special group rates, or prices which derive from the breakdown of a package rate.