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We spent two years travelling around India and stayed at over a hundred hotels. The Tripzuki collection represents the best of the best. We met the owners and the staff, took our own photos, and tried the breakfast in the morning. We know EVERYTHING about these hotels. We also negotiated some incredible deals!

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About us

trip what?

In the seminal late-70s cartoon of the same name, Godzilla was the biggest, baddest sea monster of them all, a good guy who always saved the day. The name inspired websites in the early ’00s: mozilla, filezilla, livezilla…

Later on, a ‘nephew’ appeared called Godzuki (or Godzooky). The young upstart was like a smaller version of Godzilla, but his name didn’t inspire any websites, except for ours, the small pretender in the big world of travel.

who are we?

Tripzuki is run on Indian, British and American entrepreneurial fuel: 3 highly driven characters alongside a handful of writers and contributors based in India. We have a proven track record in the online travel business, and a great understanding of what makes India tick!

Joe | Co-Founder | [email protected]
Chief editor and Tripzuki founder, Joe comes from both a hotel and creative industry background. Right now he keeps it all moving, hungrily seeking out hotels for our collection and desperately, annoyingly seeking the perfect website design. Pedantic? Er, yes, but he can’t help it.


harsh-mugshotHarsh | Co-Founder | [email protected]
Harsh holds down our base in Mumbai; planning, researching and then travelling and reviewing hotels for Tripzuki. Chances are if there’s somewhere you want go in India, Harsh has been there, eaten there and has the auto driver’s number. Harsh also spends a lot of time behind the camera, supplying great shots that get us all dreaming about our next trip!


aaron_mugshot2Aaron | Co-Founder | [email protected]
If you see something that looks good on our site, let Aaron know! See something that needs fixing? Let Aaron know! In charge of so many things we don’t understand, Aaron oversees our online development and brings business acumen and analytical skills to the party, as well as some of that west coast, American chit-chat that keeps us asking ‘what does that acronym mean again??’.


karen-mugshotKaren | Contributor
Karen Rebelo divides her time between Bangalore and Mumbai as a full-time Reuters correspondent. Despite growing up around names like Kodak and Agfa in a photography accessory shop – where both her parents worked – she came late to the practice. Now, when she’s not tracking the ups and downs of the stock market, Karen travels for Tripzuki and experiences life through her camera.


matt-mugshotDeepti | Contributor
Deepti has written for a living in some form or another all her working life. Among others she has worked for The Week, contributed to Time Out Explorer, Outlook Traveller, Thomas Cook travel guides, and edited The Man and created Motherland magazine. Originally from Delhi, she has lived all over north India and now resides in Goa where she is busy working on her second novel after the 2014 publication of her debut ‘A Bad Character’.


matt-mugshotMatthew | Contributor
After escaping northern England for India as a teenager, Matt eventually went back to take an MA in South Asian religion, but after stints at the Sunday Times and as a copy writer found his way back to India where he has contributed words and pictures to travel guides and magazines, including photographing a large portion of Tripzuki’s hotels. Matt has lived in Bombay, Delhi and now Goa.


manan dhuldhoya's mugshot Manan | Contributor
Manan is a copywriter who doesn’t write enough, a travel writer who doesn’t travel enough, a foodie who doesn’t feed enough, a Bacchanal who doesn’t worship enough and someone who hopes, with all his heart, that he never gets enough. Manan’s work has been published in magazines like Lonely Planet (India), National Geographic Traveller (India) and the Express Eye.


supriya sehgal's mugshot Supriya | Contributor
Supriya has permanently ditched the idea of calling any one city ‘home’. Travelling for more than 250 days in a year can do that to you. Her vagabondish life has led to several guidebooks for Lonely Planet and articles for leading publications in India and across the world.


aneesha's mugshot Aneesha | Contributor
Aneesha Bangera is a writer who, after spending the last few years working in communications, PR and events, has decided to write again. She lives in Bangalore but is more often than not on her way to somewhere else.


aneesha's mugshot Ayushi | Contributor
Ayushi spends a lot of her time thinking about her next vacation, next meal or her next book (to read, not write). She lives in Delhi.

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